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Stephanie P

FYI: The Westlaw citation here is incorrect. It should be 2010 WL 4023299. (The citation above transposes the 3s and 2s.)

@ Mr. Marchelewski: Virtually all of the social science research suggests that it is certainty of punishment, and not duration of sentence, that deters crime. With respect to Mr. Goltson himself, Judge Weinstein found that the 18 months, combined with the impact of Mr. Goltson's imprisonment on his employment prospects, was significant punishment. The court also noted, "It is unlikely that he will engage in further criminal activity in light of his age, his close familial connections, his determination to serve as a positive role model for his children, his desire to gain an education, and his genuine remorse for his crime."

Joseph Marchelewski

Why do I have trouble believing that the defendant will suddenly develop a new-found respect for the law after such a lenient sentence?

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